Entrust startup assessment to venture capital pros
Get a 30-page report with analysis of business model, team, tokenomics, scam checking on 220 parameters
Founders usually don't see themselves through the eyes of the investor — the pros and cons, the reality of plans and forecasts
The venture capital market is a mess.
Make it clear with numbers and analysis
Statistically, only 2-10% of startups succeed in securing funding and closing a round
Venture capital investments are risky, especially when private investors are not supported in their decision-making process or have insufficient time to conduct due diligence
Approximately 10% of venture capital investments can be considered successful in terms of significant returns
* according to Startup Genome research
* according to Scale Finance research
So, only 2 of them are happy
... and the others lost everything
We have sufficient expertise to help both sides
unique parameters to score startups
startups reviewed
startups scored in 2022
investment areas we are focused on
tier1/tier2 VCs trust our expertise
develop and strengthen
our scoring model
since 2016
parameters — the average investor looks at when considering an investment
Analytics is a bro, not a gut instinct
assessment criteria in our scoring model
In conclusion, you will increase the probability of success 22x using our scoring reports
We've done the math
Due Diligence as a Service
increase the chances of getting funded
mitigate risk and improve ROI
Wow investors with a solid analytical report

  • Get an unbiased report: we identify weaknesses and red flags, help you with roadmap pitfalls, financials, and product-market fit

  • Translate your startup into the language of investors, increasing your chances of closing the round

  • Benefit from our experience of having screened 6,500 startups
Hire an entire team of analysts and experts to help you save time and make accurate investment decisions

  • Dive much deeper than the average investor. Our 220-parameter scoring model takes you to the bottom of the ocean without the need for scuba certification

  • Save tens or hundreds of hours of your precious time. Our analysts and experts have been swimming in the blockchain/crypto/FinTech ocean since 2016th (Binance wasn't born then), and will bring their rich expertise to your table
save time and take a look from a different angle
Outsource your due diligence to professionals to save cost and time, or get a fresh look at your already vetted startups

  • Get a top notch team of analysts and blockchain/crypto/DeFi/FinTech experts to screen early stage startups in bulk
  • Save over 20 hours of paid analysts' time per in-depth startup analysis
  • Reduce operational workload: instead of dozens of complex processes, subscribe once and get the result
We rated 514 startups and ranked them in our Top 10 by industry
Clear guidance on what should be red flags from an investor perspective

Expert assessments of product market fit, financials, marketing, and tokenomics
Get a 30-page report
prepared by our analysts
We are sharing a $500 worth analysis report on one of our portfolio startups. Feel the depth of our immersion
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We have been scoring startups since 2016, and we have a bunch of data that is gathering “dust” on our cloud drives. What if we enrich it with historical data from open and closed sources, and season it with a pinch of artificial intelligence and machine learning? We expect this to result in faster, more accurate early-stage startup analysis than any other analyst team in the market.
We go to market with the trends. Be the first to try.
Pioneering a New Era of Startup Screening by Powering the Process with AI and ML
You can rely on our 8 years of experience: we have probably already studied your competitors and can critically assess what the market needs.
We focus on 10 niche areas to provide exceptional expertise
8 Years of Experience in Blockchain/Crypto Space
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