Discover high-potential startups for your corporation with our sniper precision scoring services
We'll use our unique Scoring Model to deliver the best options for your investment arm and help you to gain access to innovation, talent, and high returns
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6 Reasons Why Corporations
Need Startup Scoring
Reason 3
Venture capital is a proven way to generate high-potential returns.
Generate superior returns
Reason 2
Scouting startups in your industry can help you find breakthrough technologies and new ideas.
Innovate and stay ahead of the competition
Reason 1
Discover established startups with a proven track record in complementary areas.
Expand your business and find new niches
Reason 6
Drive innovation, create cutting-edge products and build unbeatable teams to establish your dominance in the marketplace.
Shape the future on your own terms
Reason 5
Either do something better than everyone else or acquire the best startups in the market.
Create a monopoly and crush your competitors
Reason 4
Find people who are already implementing innovative solutions and bring them on board.
Attract top talent and grow your team
Streamline Your Startup Investment Strategy
with Our Comprehensive Work Plan
Afford.Capital's Range of Expertise
Legal Support
Screening and Analysis
Startup Scouting
We screen 5,000 startups annually and select the top 1% using our 220-parameter scoring model
Using our proprietary AI-powered scoring model, fund analysts thoroughly screen and analyze startups to eliminate scammers and ensure only high-potential companies are selected
With over $965 million raised by our team, we are experienced in both syndicating investments and handling M&A transactions
In the business world of 2023,

it's no longer the big fish eating the little fish, but the fast ones consuming the slow ones.
Staying ahead of the competition in the vast ocean of startups requires professionally equipped fishermen to help you navigate the waters and catch the fattest tuna.

Tell us what you need, and we'll reel in the most promising startups with our expert rods.
We conduct 3 levels of rigorous verification
on every startup before presenting it to you
Level Three
The startup undergoes a thorough security check to eliminate scams, Ponzi schemes, and projects with negative reputations. Finally, our investment committee selects the most promising startups to offer to our clients
Level Two
Our analysts run a fundamental analysis using over 220 criteria, drawing on insights from analyzing over 6,000 startups and additional metrics to identify high-potential ventures
Level One
Startup submits an application and undergoes initial scoring using our algorithm analyzing historical data, trends, web searches, and over 20 parameters
Sergei is a visionary entrepreneur and investor with a focus on accelerating startups and raising funds in emerging sectors such as blockchain, Web3, biotech, and AI. Since 2016, Sergei has personally vetted and screened over 6,000 startups and helped raise an impressive $965 million for 35 projects through successful M&A deals and exits.
Sergei Kovalev, Founder & CEO
With 9 years of experience automating and scaling international startups, Ilya brings valuable expertise to the team. He launched a Singaporean startup from scratch to BestBuy shelves, created and operationally managed a 42-store retail chain in Russia with $10M/year revenue, and led an e-commerce startup with $2M/year revenue. As the COO, he provides operational leadership to the fund and creates autonomous, data-driven teams.
Ilya Klinkin,
Take each startup in the funnel to pieces. Write analytical memos with expert opinions and results of the scoring process. Monitors the industry. Keep the team up to date on the latest trends. Have a strong finance and analytics background and expertise in data-driven decision-making.
Analysts Team
Leads the product strategy, manages processes and makes the team work in a coherent and efficient way.
Alexander Pimov,
Project Manager
Huobi Ventures
Binance Labs
Shima Capital
Axevil Capital
A+ Ventures
Jets Capital
Alpha Capital
Big Brain Holdings
Yellow Rocks
Wow Summit
GuyWay Netwotk
Market Making Pro
Binance Smart Chain
Chrono Fund
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