How does the fund work and what is the connection to Yalla!Market

We created this article to answer important investor questions:
how Afford.Capital works, how we search for projects, evaluate, and onboard projects, and, ultimately, what role we play in the Yallla!Market deal.
Have a comfortable seat, it's going to be important next.

Afford.Capital invests in 10 key areas:

  • Game-Dev  
  • Infrastructure projects
  • EdTech 
  • MedTech 
  • GameFi 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Space projects 
  • Metaverse 
  • NFT
  • Web3

And we almost always work with projects at an early stage, looking at projects in 4 key stages:

  • Pre-seed 
  • Seed 
  • Private Sale
  • Series A

At Afford.Capital, we are constantly scouting and selecting projects. Some of them send us their data on their own based on their desire to work with us. We get to know each other at conferences, industry events, and through the fund's internal network of networking. Regardless of the origin of the project, all of them go through a three-step selection using our scoring system.

How do we analyze projects?

The Afford.Capital model consists of 3 key steps in project analysis. These 3 key steps are divided into dozens of iterations and actions, but for a general understanding, we will describe the work algorithm in its larger stages.

Step 1. Project search

The main task of the investor at this stage is to find projects that they will then analyze. From our experience of talking with investors of different levels, we found out that finding worthy projects is one of the key problems. The challenge is that being at the early stages only a small percentage might be at least close to being potentially successful in the future. 

Step 2. Key indicators

Once the projects are selected, the analysis begins. Firstly, a general overview is made: what the project is about, what value it brings to our today's reality, and how relevant it is. Being at this stage, we can spot whether there is potential. Next, we analyze the figures.

Step 3. Our security team runs their check

We filter out scams, pyramids, and projects that have generally bad reputations.

In the end, you need to get to know our funder as the custodian of expertise in venture capital investments to get a full introduction to the fund.

Afford.Capital Founder – Sergei Kovalev

Innovative entrepreneur and investor in blockchain, Web3, biotech and AI sectors.

Main focus is on startup acceleration and fundraising, selling companies and M&A deals.

Since 2016 Sergei has vetted and screened 6,000 startups and helped raise $965,000,000 for 35 projects.

Once upon a time, Sergei Kovalev met Leo Dovbenko – Yalla!Market CEO. That was the day the story of the partnership has started.
For now, Yalla!Market is one of the verified, trusted projects worth its individual Pitch Day.

Afford.Capital deal role

Afford.Capital is a venture DAO-fund and deals indicator of Yalla!Market. Together we create officially the first case of fundraising through a sub-DAO in the MENA region.

With Afford.Capital, you can invest in Yalla!Market on the best terms for early fund investors.

Previously investments in Yalla!Market started at $50,000, which made it difficult for retail investors to enter. During this Pitch Day, it will be possible to get an allocation to this project with a smaller, and more comfortable amount.

⏰ The Pitch Day will be held on October 21, 19:00 Dubai time (GMT +4). Hope you'll be there.