Strategic Partnership: Afford.Capital x Alpha Capital

Afford.Capital is delighted to announce its partnership with Alpha Capital. The two companies will work together to bring better investment solutions to their investors in the rapidly growing investment areas.

Under this collaboration, Afford.Capital will work hand-in-hand with Alpha Capital to bring out the most innovative advancements and assist in identifying the best projects and startups suitable for investment. We will contribute to the development and growth of each other by bringing fresh ideas and searching for future Unicorns.

About Alpha Capital

Alpha Capital is an investment fund with consulting, research, and development functions. They are known for being one of the first venues to support projects in their early stages of development.

The team behind the fund selects potential projects that can provide significant benefits to the tech industry. They monitor and develop projects and organizations, connecting them with potential partners and investors. The fund brings a project to a successful international trading floor by interacting with it at different layers and development milestones.

They believe digital assets, particularly Decentralized Financial applications (DeFi), will play a significant role in the nearest future. The Web3 economy will continue its growth and will achieve further mass adoption. They are actively developing scalable solutions in decentralized financial and cross-chain ecosystems.

A Strategic Partnership Full of Possibilities

At the moment, the teams behind Afford.Capital and Alpha Capital are working on establishing plans for a long-lasting partnership that is set to benefit both projects greatly. 

💡 Deal flow, marketing opportunities, and general support are some of the cornerstones of the collaboration and these factors will surely drive growth on both ends.

As a corollary of this collaboration, Afford.Capital will work with Alpha Capital to facilitate project fundraising. This will strengthen the support for promising startups we are both willing to support. This collaboration will pave the way for both, Afford.Capital and Alpha Capital to assure the success of the incoming venture investments.

We at Afford.Capital are thrilled to work with Alpha Capital and look forward to bringing more wonderful initiatives to our community. Due to this strategic partnership, Afford.Capital will be able to broaden the scope of our investment activities. 

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