Yalla!Market: Deep Dive and Metrics of the Fastest Delivery in Dubai

How the Delivery Process Works at Yalla!Market

Yalla Market provides a product selection of 3,000 stock-keeping units (SKU) and promises to deliver groceries in 15 minutes utilizing an online and app-based dark shop concept.
A willing buyer just needs to pick up the goods he’d like to be delivered and place an order.

Once the order is processed, customers may expect their orders to be delivered within 15 or even 10 minutes thanks to the usage of electric scooters and bicycles by the delivery employees.
Yalla!Market's dark stores are located in different residential areas, so-called "15-minute cities".

It allows delivery team members to pick up goods from customers' orders within 3 minutes. What's more, they can deliver to many households within one trip. Fruits, dairy, and beverages are the most common items purchased at Yalla! Market.

Yalla!Market Business Model

The merchandise that Yalla Market sells is sourced directly from brands or through major wholesalers, meaning that each item sells for a profit for the company.

Yalla!Market is investing in product development, aiming to gather more data on customer habits. The company is adopting a “behavior prediction system” to adapt user experiences and offers, which will be based on their preferences to cut the amount of time spent placing purchases via the mobile application.

This data will be used in order to improve the Business Model behind Yalla!Market, deploying new delivery strategies across their service locations.

Yalla!Market: Figures & Metrics

As mentioned earlier, Yalla!Market has nice business results and strong metrics. Here we will dig into all Yalla!Market-related takeaways and insights.

Key facts about Yalla!Market to be aware of:
  • Fastest delivery in Dubai — in most areas — in 15 minutes
  • Right now 7 dark stores — DSO, Marina, JLT, BB, Al Wasl, Deira, JVC
  • Growing by 50–100% on an annual basis

According to the data that is being collected during the Yalla!Market’s journey, almost 50% of all goods ordered and delivered by the startup consist of:

  • Fruits - 17%
  • Diary - 16%
  • Drinks - 15%

In order to get acquainted with the project’s KPI, check the banner below.

The list of possibilities hidden in plain sight when talking about the MENA region is endless. Yalla!Market is aiming for the growing and promising market of MENA countries. But what does it mean exactly? — 6,000,000 people market potential. 

And last, but not least — the icing on top of this article. What makes Yalla!Market an absolute leader in the FoodTech & fast delivery fields in Dubai, and why their expansion on further MENA markets will push the startup to the Unicorn stage?

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