Startup Success Story: XDAO and Binance

As you know, XDAO is one of the hottest startups in our portfolio.

XDAO is a multichain DAO builder for joint asset management in crypto industry. XDAO allows groups of people to easily create decentralized autonomous organizations, introduce crypto assets, manage them through voting and directly connect to DeFi protocols.

This post is a story of our work with XDAO and a clear case study of how the Smart Money approach works. Here's how it was. Enjoy!
🔗 November 2021

— XDAO created a DAO builder, started winning hackathons, and connected networks & TVL on smart contracts.

— Our funder Sergei Kovalev met with XDAO and agreed on further collaborations and mutual cooperation.

— We, as a foundation, initiated the integration of XDAO as a DAO builder for BNB Chain, using our wide network of business connections.

🔗 February 2022

— The team behind Binance Labs gives preliminary approval. Negotiations begin.

Binance Labs is a large fund with a long and thorough due diligence process. During this journey, we have been completing documents, answering additional questions, and accompanying the deal.

🔗 July 2022

— XDAO received a soft commitment from Binance Labs for future investments.

— BNB Chain launched a joint project with XDAO to promote DAO. The project has attracted thousands of users and increased both brand awareness and the popularity of the DAO building process as a zero-code solution.

🔗 December 2022

🎉 XDAO became the main DAO builder in the BNB network

— Reached 30,000 users

— Became one of the fastest-growing projects on the BNB Chain network

— Hitting the top 15 TVL Gainers among projects within the BNB Chain network in Q3 2022

🔗 12 December 2022

XDAO services included in BNB Chain Kickstart🔥 This will give the startup new customers, new cases, and new integrations.

Here at Afford.Capital we are now in talks about additional investments and further integration of XDAO into the market.