4 types of advisors: startups to know, investors to score

The team is one of the most significant parameters in the project's scoring. In addition to tracking key players, we always pay attention to the advisory board. It is advisors that help projects go beyond, and break through all sorts of tops and scales.

Today we discover what kinds of advisors there are.

🗣 Expert Advisors

These guys usually are former executives, successful entrepreneurs, and sales/marketing specialists. They provide valuable insight in the early stages of a project, but their value may decrease as you get more experience.

🗣 Connectors

These advisors possess the ability to introduce you to key individuals, such as potential clients, investors, employees, and partners. Their power lies in their ability to connect you with people you might not have met otherwise, or to introduce you to people of significant influence.

🗣 Diamond Responders

These gentlemen can provide quick, valuable responses to specific questions via email or phone call. They may not offer the same level of coaching as expert advisors, but they can provide critical assistance in important moments. Examples of diamond responders include CEOs, professors, and experienced negotiators. It's essential to keep them informed and consider them as part of your team.

🗣 Mentors

These folks provide ongoing guidance and support. They can assist with strategy and resolving internal conflicts. Like quick responders, it's important to keep them in the loop. They are not there to reassure you, but to challenge you, ask questions and push you to think critically. You may not always agree with their advice, but this type of business relationship allows healthy debate and discussion.

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