What's Afford.Capital?

Afford.Capital is a global venture capital DAO fund that invests in early-stage high-tech startups.

Our Mission is to accelerate and support the technological development of humankind by creating and investing in projects that shape the world of the future.

To select portfolio projects we created a scoring system based on mathematical analysis of over 30 startup assessment parameters. This approach makes Afford.Capital a safe place for investors and a support hub for startups.

Afford.Capital numbers and figures

What You Gain Working with Us

Investors get access to trending and carefully vetted startups at different stages 
We use a multi-layer scoring system to select partner projects.

Startups get full support 
We provide consulting, financial and technical expertise, and industry partnerships to assure rapid project growth and high ROI.

We invest in all portfolio projects using Smart Money concepts 
Our team has an in-depth understanding of the blockchain and web3 space and market conditions at any given time.

Asset management best practices 
We provide analytics, reports and support during all investment stages.

Our Partners 

Afford.Capital built a large network and knows most of the big players in the blockchain and web3 space. Our investors get access to great project allocations and Smart Invest opportunities. Startups get a powerful boost to scale.

Stay tuned. In the next post we will dive deeper into fund's work.