Invest in Afford.Capital Ecosystem
and Benefit from an Impressive Upside
A venture capital ecosystem
growing with its start-ups
Look forward to working with you and sharing our success
The year 2022 was quite good for us as a venture capital fund. We operated deal by deal without taking any money under management. And we think the first 12 months of the company's existence were worthwhile
What is Afford.Capital?
2022 Results
startups in our portfolio
VC investors on board
Pitch Days held
industry events, meetups, and conferences, where we presented Afford.Capital
business and investment clubs became our partners
attracted to startups during a bear market
tier1/tier2 VC with an actively ongoing deal flow
Venture Ecosystem we are building in 2023
AI-powered Startup Scoring
The Result
Automated scouting of thousands of startups in the market, evaluation and high-precision prediction of their future development (and your potential upside as an investor)
Professional Fundraising
Step 2
As a venture capital fund, we raise money to develop the startups we scouted and verified. We use our expertise, relationships with investors and industry players.
High probability capital growth with x100 upside potential for investors
Step 1
Step 3
Venture Studio
We tap into the operational processes of onboarded startups, enriching them with our professional skills and connections, increasing their chances of survival and success in the form of exit or M&A.
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What can make you jealous
if you miss this opportunity
A joint startup with Animacord DTC. Developing a Web3 platform for the cartoon "Masha and the Bear", own a stake in the company, which increases our capitalization.
Masha and The Bear joint venture
show for kids 0-18
YouTube followers
total views
The venture capital studio as a business unit perfectly complements the existing model
Venture Studio
of venture capital studio startups survive by reaching Series A
increase the probability of success for portfolio startups
startups ready to join right now
A powerful stimulus for startups survival and further growth
We're augmenting our current scoring system with AI and machine learning to score early-stage startups automatically and accurately, and expect to deliver more accurate results than any analyst team in the market.
AI-powered Scoring of Startups
Breaking into the market along with the trends
unique parameters to score startups
a wealth of AI-experience
We are opening an investment round
What do investors get?
a mathematically verified forecast based on business model calculations, variable monetisation paths, diversified cash flows and assets on Afford.Capital's balance sheet
Potential Upside
Seat on the Expert Council
a place on the Advisory Board alongside market leaders and experts. Our network of networking and connections, direct connections to Binance-level players, allocations to the top 2% of start-ups in the market and much more
up to x30-100
Dividend payments when the company income exceeds expenses. Sell your shares when the capitalization increases
through a dividend model
Quality selection
saving you selection, scouting and evaluation time. Broading your view of new ventures and benefit from the expertise of the Ecosystem
Investments monetisation
of vetted startups
Learn more. Ask questions.
Get the proofs. Invest early
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